The City Is Full Of ...

now I know you clicked on this to tell you about the city. I live nowhere near the city so, I and my friend decided we would go to the city for the day and from the moment I woke up it was just full of drama. I and my friend arrived at the train and guess what my go card was expired so the man said that he would activate it and make it expired next week thank good but he never told me he didn't tap me on so when I got off at the other end and tapped it charged me double. we were trying to find a piercing shop we found it and some weird man walked up to me and my friend. He spoke a different language so we couldn't understand him the only thing I got out of the sentence money. I thought hell no this man is not going to rob us right so we walked into the store and he just walked away.  So we spent 2 hours in the city shopping and other stuff we decided we would walk over the bridge to the other side. Bad idea. it was buddhas birthday so it was full of Buddhist celebrating it was packed we could hardly walk. we looked at the time and saw that the train would come back in half an hour so we walked back over the bridge we entered the city with seven minutes to find the train. My friend google where the train station was and good old google took us the wrong way TWICE. By this time we had missed the train, I walked into Cartier to ask the security guard where that train station was he told us what way to go so off we went. We arrive at the train station and found out that the next train came in 25 minutes. hoped on the train and of we went. So that was my city journey, man how could so many things go wrong in one day. Haha


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