Well, Well, Well what do we have here another one of those cheesy blogs.  NO. This is my blog which means it is jam packed places to travel and other crazy things that I discover and it gets even better it's all here in Australia. Now for all of you non-Australians, this blog can still come in handy or maybe not, hey it's up to you. Anyways my names Morgan and welcome to my blog my pretties.

My Poem

roses and red
I am too
you watched me bleed
when u stabbed me
in my back
that I where u had me
I didn't cry
not even move
just stood still
looking at you
you had my trust now I'm bleeding but now I have stopped because u mean nothing. I have moved on and just forgot about the way you did to me. I was good for you when u had no one but now that I have gone I see the way you are. They way you part your hair in half. Now I see you as no one just another bug, another tree, another me

hay I am, not a poet I know and it is kind of shitty but I thought that I would give it a try just for fun.

Why School?

lately, my blog has been so dead it's around that time where all my finals are due and all my weekends are full because of dance. But I will always make time to write on my blog haha. Just a little update. I have been practicing like crazy for the big performance happing soon (why I have been dancing so much) I have been missing out on hanging with my friends. And whenever I am with my friend's drama always happen which means a blog post for use haha. I have something called SHOWCASE coming up soon and will be writing about that after it happens so look out for that blog. So what is the reason for this blog well mainly just to tell everyone that I am still posting blogs and that I have not died.

The City Is Full Of ...

now I know you clicked on this to tell you about the city. I live nowhere near the city so, I and my friend decided we would go to the city for the day and from the moment I woke up it was just full of drama. I and my friend arrived at the train and guess what my go card was expired so the man said that he would activate it and make it expired next week thank good but he never told me he didn't tap me on so when I got off at the other end and tapped it charged me double. we were trying to find a piercing shop we found it and some weird man walked up to me and my friend. He spoke a different language so we couldn't understand him the only thing I got out of the sentence money. I thought hell no this man is not going to rob us right so we walked into the store and he just walked away.  So we spent 2 hours in the city shopping and other stuff we decided we would walk over the bridge to the other side. Bad idea. it was buddhas birthday so it was full of Buddhist celebrating it was…

Beach Drama

you are probably thinking how can the beach cause drama well let me tell you. It was the swimming carnival at school and anyone who does not swim can have the day of therefore me and my friends decided should go to the beach. We arrive at the beach and jetty jump for about 1 hour when we were done we decide to walk around the mangroves to take cute pictures. We are walking around when we see a guy up ahead we continue to walk toward him then he starts trying talk to us at first it was polite (we were still kind of far away from him) but when he said " ladies if you follow my footsteps around the corner you will find a beautiful beach" know I don't know if that sounds sketchy to anyone else but me and one other friend started running. I was in front in my head I was saying not today satan and keep running we made it back to the main beach (me and my friend that was running) to turn around to see one of our friends talking to 'Gary" apparently he always comes down…

Dreamworld Drama

so around two years ago, my school decided to take the year level on a school trip you know because it was the end of the year and we had to something fun.. so the school decided to take the year level to dreamworld in the gold coast its about 45 mins to an hour to get there. We pulled up and I was buzzin everyone. Around about 11 o'clock (we had been there for awhile) I and my friends decided to go into the ball bit... you had to leave your bags outside. In my bag held 40 dollars 20 for my food and an extra 20 for more food when I was in the ball pit, some dickhead came along and stole my bag by the time I had got out I was in tears running around the place like a chicken with no head. We told the owner of the park and the security dudes what it looks like and everything and what did they do ... nothing. It wasn't until about 20 minutes after telling everyone that one of my friends told me she saw a bag outside the female toilets that was it I was running like there was no to…

A Random One

so a while back my friends and I were shopping online 'in a class obviously' and we stumbled across that site Zaful. Now I have heard all the YouTubers making their videos about the brand but soon became curious because Zaful ships the clothes to them and they sponsor their videos too so I have no idea what to believe. The store itself kind of freaks me out because the prices are so cheap and all the coupon codes flying around the place. It scares me to try it hahaha, but anyways I soon exited the tab and went on with my online shopping journey and if you are reading this and are tempted to shop online during class don't do it hahaha who am I to talk.

Easter Festival

This post is not really one of those blogs about stuff but hey that doesn't really matter. In my hometown, there is this easter festival that happens every year and is FREE which makes it even better. There are a couple of rides and all the rest is food and business stands. Well, one of the rides broke down which made the line for the other line huge and so are the food lines btw. The good thing about this event is that it is totally free the downside of the event is that you have to wait in line forever and the sun, like why does Australia have to be soo hot all the time. For what it is worth its a pretty good festival. Apart from the fact that some Jesus lady told my friend that she was sinner she rambled on and on for ages say how hell is a bad place and all we wanted to do was get food hahahah