Dreamworld Drama

so around two years ago, my school decided to take the year level on a school trip you know because it was the end of the year and we had to something fun.. so the school decided to take the year level to dreamworld in the gold coast its about 45 mins to an hour to get there. We pulled up and I was buzzin everyone. Around about 11 o'clock (we had been there for awhile) I and my friends decided to go into the ball bit... you had to leave your bags outside. In my bag held 40 dollars 20 for my food and an extra 20 for more food when I was in the ball pit, some dickhead came along and stole my bag by the time I had got out I was in tears running around the place like a chicken with no head. We told the owner of the park and the security dudes what it looks like and everything and what did they do ... nothing. It wasn't until about 20 minutes after telling everyone that one of my friends told me she saw a bag outside the female toilets that was it I was running like there was no tomorrow. We found the bag with low and behold NO MONEY LEFT INSIDE. I was so angry like even writing this I'm getting all worked up. I told everyone for ages now my story and everyone at my school remembers it. Till this day I still get mad over the fact that my bag got stolen but more because they did nothing to help me find it cause to them, it was ' none of their concern'. Well there you go you now know my drama hahaha and trust me there are a lot more stories to follow this one.

hahaha couldn't half tell that i get so heated over this topic


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