Beach Drama

you are probably thinking how can the beach cause drama well let me tell you. It was the swimming carnival at school and anyone who does not swim can have the day of therefore me and my friends decided should go to the beach. We arrive at the beach and jetty jump for about 1 hour when we were done we decide to walk around the mangroves to take cute pictures. We are walking around when we see a guy up ahead we continue to walk toward him then he starts trying talk to us at first it was polite (we were still kind of far away from him) but when he said " ladies if you follow my footsteps around the corner you will find a beautiful beach" know I don't know if that sounds sketchy to anyone else but me and one other friend started running. I was in front in my head I was saying not today satan and keep running we made it back to the main beach (me and my friend that was running) to turn around to see one of our friends talking to 'Gary" apparently he always comes down to the beach and walks among the mangroves no you are thinking you girls just overreacted no I don't think we did because we are in mangroves were NO ONE COULD HEAR/SEE YOU so gods knows what could have happened that day all I know is that I'm still here I'm still breathing and that's all that matters


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